Meeting: December 2, 2017

Note the change of time and place
12:45, Saturday, December 2
UPSTAIRS from RI Author Expo
at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet
60 Rhodes Place, Cranston

Round Table On Writing Your Book’s First Scene

Have you ever noticed that everyone (and his brother) has a truckload of advice about writing the perfect first scene? We all agree it’s critical, because that first scene determines whether anyone reads any further. With all this advice, however, there’s one key flaw: not one is written from the perspective of the writer trying to create this magic scene from scratch.

  • Instead, they analyze what works and what doesn’t.
  • I don’t know about you, but when I put on my analytic hat, all creativity goes out the window and it’s impossible to draft something new.

So how can I (and you) get that gripping first scene down onto the page?

  • Elizabeth Devlin will kick off our discussion with her personal “how to” list (with a handout for you to adapt to your own needs).

Come ready to discuss your own ideas, issues, problems, and successes with opening scenes for a full-on roundtable discussion.

Elizabeth Devlin writes “Romantic suspense with a water view” and lives in Portsmouth, RI.