May 6, 2023 – Tiffany Yates Martin

Shoring Up the Middle “Is there anything more thrilling for the creative soul than starting a shiny new story? That sexy little minx seduces you effortlessly, promising you a dazzling future, and in the heady flush of new love it feels as if this perfect communion between you will never end.And then comes the middle … Read more

NEXT: April 1, 2023

Shelley Alina: The Emotional Plot 12:30 (in person at the Exeter Library and via ZOOM)  [Exeter Public Library: 773 Ten Rod Road Rt, 102, Exeter, RI 02822] There are as many ways to plot a novel as there are novelists, but in this workshop, we’ll explore three: internal and external conflict, featuring ways to keep … Read more

November 5, 2022 – Jen Graybeal: Focus on Story Issues

Sometimes it’s the little things that block progress and sometimes there’s a boulder on the path. Whether you are developing big story elements or identifying the small details that make the story special, there’s nothing quite like the frustration of knowing something is missing. Let’s bring those issues to the table and talk about how … Read more

October 1, 2022:

L’Michelle Bleu L’Eau & L.K. Blair Book Trailers – An Introduction This brief introductory workshop highlights the process of how to design a story trailer. We’ll discuss the story board concept, how to search for images to put into PowerPoint slides. We’ll also look at crafting a trailer script and how to search for the … Read more

Sept 10, 2022 –

Community Building: The Heartbeat of Great Marketing Harry Potter. Doctor Who. Lord of the Rings. Star Wars. Think about the most prolific fan bases in our culture. Besides great story, what do they all have in common?  COMMUNITY. There are people out there who love your characters and your stories as much as you do (sometimes more, … Read more

May 7th – Roundtable

Last-minute switch to a roundtable (our original speaker fell ill, so she’ll come in June instead). We will take this opportunity to get acquainted with our three new members and share our experiences of and challenges with our writing journeys in a safe and supportive space.

April 2: Lydia Stevens: The Pandemonium of a Pantser, Making the Manuscript out of the Madness

Workshop Description: The Pandemonium of a Pantser, Making the Manuscript out of the Madness is a workshop teaching about the writing style of a panster, someone who writes by the seat of their pants! With so many workshops exploring the craft of plotting, this workshop is designed to provide insight into how a writer who doesn’t … Read more