June 1, 2024. Gail Eastwood: Great Expectations

Note: This is a change in our speaker schedule. The start of your story has to hook the reader’s interest right away. But that’s not all! Strong first chapters have to establish at least eight other story basics. Learn what those are, discuss comparative starting points and types of openings, and more. Bring some favorite … Read more

Fall, 2024: Renita McKinney on Tropes & Trends

Renita McKinney will return this Fall to talk with us about tropes and trends in romance novels. As the founder and owner of A Book a Day Author Services (https://www.abookaday.biz/), Renita reads hundreds of books each year. She provides developmental and sensitivity edits for many authors and gives public presentations from her areas of expertise. … Read more

December 9, 2023:

Roundtable Writing Discussion in person at the Exeter Library and via ZOOM  [Exeter Public Library: 773 Ten Rod Road Rt, 102, Exeter, RI 02822 ] Come join your fellow writers for a free-ranging discussion! Topics will include how to use flashbacks within the context of our stories, go-to craft books/websites, and what we’ve learned this … Read more

November 4, 2023:

RENITA McKinney: Let’s Include Everyone Workshop Details: Being sensitive to ethnic, cultural and societal issues in your prose is very important. Sometimes, even though it’s not intended, you can cross a line that might offend certain members of your reader base. A Book A Day Author Services is very aware of these issues and has … Read more

October 7: Kim Van Meter/J.H.Leigh

Don’t Just ‘Hit It & Quit It’ When writing your sex scenes — emotion is the lotion that makes the scene resonate with readers. Sex is all about emotional vulnerability. What better way to give readers a glimpse into your characters’ psyche other than when they are stripped bare with nowhere to hide? Join longtime … Read more

NEXT: September 9, 2023:

Elizabeth Devlin Emotion on the Page: Scenes, Sequels, and Story Magic Why do we read fiction? Why does ANYONE read fiction? We read it for a powerful emotional experience. And we get to that emotion by EXPERIENCING the story. For a novel to work, we need to identify with the characters and live the story … Read more

May 6, 2023 – Tiffany Yates Martin

Shoring Up the Middle “Is there anything more thrilling for the creative soul than starting a shiny new story? That sexy little minx seduces you effortlessly, promising you a dazzling future, and in the heady flush of new love it feels as if this perfect communion between you will never end.And then comes the middle … Read more