RIRW exists to promote excellence in women’s and popular fiction, to help writers become published and build careers in their writing field, and to provide continuing support for writers within the women’s and popular fiction publishing industry. Formed in 1983 as a Romance Writers of America chapter, we disaffiliated in 1988. We are an independent, nonprofit organization in Rhode Island.

We welcome everyone, without regard to race, color, national origin, disability, religion, cultural identity, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, physical appearance, or any other identity distinction. Furthermore, we recognize that because racism, homophobia, and other forms of bias are systemic in our national culture, people from marginalized communities continue to be denied advancement in our industry. RIRW strives to address this by raising awareness within our membership and increasing our efforts to attract members from a variety of backgrounds to enrich our community of writers.

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We meet from September to June on the first Saturday of the month (except for February, when we hold our annual retreat). Because of holidays and/or other conflicts, the date or venue may change. We will announce changes here on our home page. We do hybrid meetings most months (in-person part at the Exeter, RI library, ZOOM for the online part).

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May 4, 2024, Andrea Hubbert:

Romancing the Press: How to Make the Media Swoon Over Your Stories

This step-by-step session is crafted for indie romance writers who dream of seeing their name splashed across various media outlets. During our time together we’ll cover the five steps you’ll need to take to make this happen:

  1. Create a wish list of publications: Begin your courtship by identifying the publications that make your heart flutter. I’ll help you pinpoint and prioritize highly targeted outlets your ideal readers are consuming with their morning coffee or before bed.
  2. Research the right contact person: Much like discovering the perfect character for your novel, unearthing the right contact within your chosen publications is key. I’ll help you navigate the maze of editorial staff with finesse, so you’ll be able to pinpoint those whose interests resonate with your themes to ensure your pitches land on welcoming desks.
  3. Brainstorm compelling pitches: Your pitch is your love letter to the editor. It’s your chance to woo them with your story. I’ll help you explore crafting proposals that meld passion with professionalism and intrigue with insight.
  4. Assemble your press materials: Just as your characters dress to impress for their pivotal scenes, your press kit must be equally enchanting. I’ll show you the art of assembling press materials that reflect the soul of your work — from tantalizing press releases to author bios that tell a story of their own.
  5. Make the submission: Submitting your pitch is your grand gesture. This step is where timing, precision, and a touch of serendipity converge. I’ll teach you how to send your pitches in a way that compels and delights.

ANDREA HUBBERT’S BIO: I know that you’re on a mission to make your creative business thrive, and I’m here for it. Let’s use your words and my grit to help you stand out in all your fabulous glory.

What sets me apart? I understand the importance of being real and connecting with your audience as genuinely as possible. Think of me as your public relations partner who brings both human touch and cutting-edge AI capabilities to the party. What a combo, right? There’s absolutely no way that we, a powerhouse duo in the vein of Hall & Oates… Troy and Abed… Thelma and Louise, won’t create media outreach campaigns that truly resonate. 

My approach is simple yet powerful: I blend your brand values with your unique personality to breathe life into your words. Picture it like this: I’ve got a Jedi-like ability to capture the heart and soul of you and your brand and use it to pitch media in ways that help you connect with your ride-or-die crew faster than Rick Astley’s music career flamed out. Rick who? Exactly. (It was fast.)

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