Fall, 2024: Renita McKinney on Tropes & Trends

Renita McKinney will return this Fall to talk with us about tropes and trends in romance novels. As the founder and owner of A Book a Day Author Services (https://www.abookaday.biz/), Renita reads hundreds of books each year. She provides developmental and sensitivity edits for many authors and gives public presentations from her areas of expertise. Because she sees so many books and because she is active in the Romancelandia of social media, Renita is a great person to fill us in on the latest. Please spend some time ahead of the meeting thinking about what you’d like to ask her.

About Renita: Renita McKinney was born in Texas, but raised in Arkansas and Texas. As an only child, she started reading around the age of 2 and books became her best friends. The characters became her family, and she developed a love and respect for writing, reading, books, and authors. Reading developed into more than a hobby to Renita; it’s a passion, an unquenchable thirst. Not being able to read would seemingly be a slow and torturous death. 

She has been fortunate to live and travel all over this world due to being the former wife of a military man. So often she would visit foreign countries that would not seem so foreign at all, because she had already traveled there within the confines of a book.

Her passion for books, desire for writing and love for words have afforded her the opportunity to work with many New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Amazon bestselling authors.

Renita found her niche in sensitivity editing. Where she works with authors to step outside of their comfort zone and write stories with all types of diverse characters

“It’s exciting to be on the inside of a story as it comes together and even more amazing that my opinion and input is requested by these phenomenal storytellers.”

Renita now lives in San Antonio, Texas, is the mother of three amazing adults: Holly, Lamontre, and Brandon, and two beautiful grandchildren, Ashanti and A’Zari. She is the owner of A Book A Day Author Services, tries to read at least 300 books a year, and loves to hang out with her small circle of friends that have become family.