October 7: Kim Van Meter/J.H.Leigh

Don’t Just ‘Hit It & Quit It’

When writing your sex scenes — emotion is the lotion that makes the scene resonate with readers. Sex is all about emotional vulnerability. What better way to give readers a glimpse into your characters’ psyche other than when they are stripped bare with nowhere to hide? Join longtime Harlequin author Kimberly Van Meter, who also writes as USA TODAY bestselling author Alexx Andria, as she shares how to reach into your scene and draw out the emotional gold that will propel your sex scene beyond the “Tab A goes into Slot B” mechanics to hit that Big O with readers.

Speaker’s Bio:  Kimberly Van Meter started writing for Harlequin in 2006 with the Superromance line and has since written for Blaze, Romantic Suspense and DARE, under her pen name Alexx Andria. Kimberly and her husband of 30 years make their home in California with their three children, two cats and a full house filled with family and friends who are always free to raid the fridge or jump in the pool. https://amzn.to/2OhdAhB

J.H. Leigh writes gritty psychological suspense, unlike anything you’ve ever read before. She makes her home in California wi