Meeting: November 4, 2017


The most terrifying 5-letter B word for writers…
And nope, it’s not that one. It’s blurbs. You know that little strings of words used to convey to complete strangers what is really going on between the covers of that baby you’ve been working on for so long. Love ‘em or leave ‘em. Blurbs are right up there with fantastic cover art when it comes to selling your book. The best books in the world will languish on virtual shelves if you don’t up your game and understand the strategy behind writing a blurb that will sell, and drowning your reader in a disorganized word dump.  I’m going to show you what works and what doesn’t, offer you guidelines for creating blurbs that will pull in your potential readers and show you how a fantastic blurb is a key element for a successful marketing plan.
Teagan Oliver is a multi-published author who has spent years writing the stories that fill her dreams. Along the way, she’s worked in both promotion and book sales for a non-fiction publisher, and her stories and articles have appeared in regional and trade magazines. She even ran her own promotional website in the 1990’s as a resource for New England booksellers and writers and she is a former Maine RWA President. She loves to travel, especially when she gets to teach what she loves… writing.
She has four books released under the name Teagan Oliver. Her first release, OBSIDIAN, a romantic suspense was originally released in 2007 and re-released under her own brand in 2012. This was followed by Three Truths, Stealing Darkness, and her latest Only You.  Teagan Lives on the coast of Maine and continues to write about the stories she loves.