Meeting: January 6, 2018

For the January meeting we are back at the Cumberland Library in the Hayden Center Meeting Rooms 1 & 2. Meeting time is 12:30.

A Look Inside “The Unhinged”

A workshop on developing your characters authentically within the scope of their mental health struggles and subsequent behavior patterns.

Wanda I. Lipson comes back to RIRW to offer professional insight and expert analysis regarding the development of characters in your creative works. This dynamic work session will engage you in an adventure into your character’s inner most, deepest spheres using therapeutic frameworks, an overview of diagnoses, role play and more.

Wanda Lipson, MSW, LICSW, is a licensed clinical social worker & artist specializing in relationships with self, others, and the environment. With 10+ years’ experience and practice in a variety of therapeutic approaches with adults and children, she shares the art of self-actualization in an emotionally safe space created with genuine love of her craft and of people.