Meeting: April 1, 2017

Newsletters That Sell Books

Jeanne Paglio

We all have websites, we’re working to increase our reader base, and wonder why it isn’t happening as fast as we’d like. We email newsletters and announcements without realizing that by tweaking a few words in your subject line means the difference between someone opening your email or hitting the delete button.

In this interactive program, we’ll look at what works, what doesn’t, and how to increase your email engagement. We’ll figure out what triggers are used to encourage you to open an email, and what it is about that single line that makes it irresistible. Sharpen your pencils and ink up your pens. Together, we’ll figure out what works for others and how to make it work for ourselves.

Bio: Writing under the pen name J.M. Griffin, Jeanne Paglio enjoys business, creativity, and figuring out how things work and the why of it all. An author of seventeen mystery novels, one romance, sixteen nonfiction art books, and two coloring books, Jeanne enjoys the business end of writing as much as writing itself. Independently and traditionally published, Jeanne is working on another cozy mystery, Left Fur Dead, and has an art book, A Book of Borders, in the works, as well.