Meeting: May 6, 2017

This presentation will take place in June.

Spooky Success–with Ghostwriting

It’s spooky how easy and lucrative ghostwriting is—and how much it will help you to become a better writer.

As much as we writers like to think we’re creating art, we’re also hoping to make some money, too.

But to make those big bucks, we need to learn a whole other craft—marketing, which is the art (or skill) of making people want to buy our products. Some of us excel at it, but many of us need to learn how to market our books. So we take money out of our own pockets and sink it into other people’s books and workshops about marketing, and search for new ways to promote our books and our brand. We go to conferences, and we network and blog and do scavenger hunts and promotions and book signings and do everything we can in the hopes of succeeding as a writer.


For some of us, all this marketing/promo stuff works. We’ve got the skills, the time, the energy, the enthusiasm and the extra income that makes it possible for us to succeed. (Secret: some of us aren’t even that good at writing—we just know how to sell, and…we get lucky.)

And some of us just keep hoping. In most of my fiction writing career, in spite of the fact that I’d won awards and worked as an editor and was told I had the writing skills, I’d only made enough to buy a few cups of coffee.

And not even from Starbucks.

Marketing has never been my cup of joe. And I resent(ed) the time I had to spend learning to promote my products instead of doing what I am better at—telling a story.

In this workshop, I will teach you how to start a new business, with your writing alone, and make money. Good money. Perhaps even great money, enough to hire a promotional expert to market your books while you’re working a few hours a day (at home!) writing for someone else while learning tricks to get your own books written faster. And better!

Things to be discussed include: ghostwriting—what is it?, how ghostwriting works, where to find clients, types of assignments you may see, rates of payment, how to make yourself invaluable to your client, time management, and much more.

Bio: Cynthia D’Attilio has been writing romance for over twenty years. She’s edited for a variety of e-publishers for six of those twenty. She’s only been ghostwriting for one. For two months out of that one year, she made enough with ghostwriting to pay her mortgage—many times the earnings made from any of her own published books.

When she’s not writing, she’s being Mom to her three kids, her two dogs, and her one husband, is active in her church, and also volunteering with the clients and horses at Horses Bring Hope Therapeutic Riding Program, a 501 non-profit, where she serves as a voting member of the Executive Board. Her favorite coffee comes from Cumbie’s, where it’s only $0.99 a cup.