Meeting: April 6, 2019

Speaker: Tamsen Parker Writing Sex that Will Grab Your Readers with Intent and Emotion. Sex scenes. Love them or hate them, if you’re publishing at the spicier end of the romance spectrum, you’ve got to know how to write them. And we all know that when it comes to writing sex, romance writers rule. We … Read more

Meeting: March 2, 2019

This meeting was cancelled due to snow. It Takes a Village Most have heard the saying, It takes a village. This is true in real life and also in the books we love to read. While many writers spend countless hours (days, weeks!) developing their main characters, often times the side characters get overlooked. How the hero, … Read more

Meeting: January 5, 2019

PLEASE NOTE: Our January meeting will be held in the Community Conference room on the 2nd floor of the library (vice our usual meeting rooms in the library Hayden Center). Eliciting Emotion: How to Hook your Reader’s Heart In this one-hour workshop, we analyze practical advice about how to get readers to connect with your story … Read more

Meeting: December 8, 2018

Automate Your Reader Base: How to Create Successful Auto-Sequence Emails by Lisa Mondello Learn how to use email automation marketing to stay in touch with your readers on a continual basis even when you’re not paying attention. Every writer I know struggles with writing and marketing. But with simple steps, you can add to your … Read more

Meeting: November 3, 2018

Jade Webb will talk about the Ins and Outs of Promotion Author websites can be intimidating. What do you even put? To blog or not to blog? How do you make your website consistent with your brand and convert your website visitors into future readers? In this workshop, we will tackle the basics and break … Read more

Meeting: October 6, 2018

Making Your Newsletter Work For You Speaker: Kristen Strassel Newsletters are one of the only marketing assets that authors have complete control over. But many authors are not using this asset to its full potential. In this workshop, Kristen will share methods of how to build your newsletter with enthusiastic subscribers who look forward to … Read more

September 8, 2018

Do to unforeseen circumstances, Penny is unable to share her workshop with us. The meeting will still be held with a yet-to-be-determined alternate subject. After our two month break, September is a great time to catch-up with old friends and make new ones. Hope to see you there!   Penny Watson Writers and Simple Living: … Read more

Meeting: June 2, 2018

Special Speaker DAMON SUEDE WRITING EVENT REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED All-Day Saturday, June 2, 2018 10 AM – 4 PM (doors open at 9:30) Community Conference Room, 2nd fl. Cumberland Public Library 1464 Diamond Hill Rd. Cumberland, RI RI Romance Writers will sponsor a day of writing workshops led by Damon Suede, speaker extraordinaire, on June … Read more

Meeting: May 5, 2018

Jo Ann Ferguson will be our speaker. STILL WRITING AFTER ALL THESE YEARS: HOW I BECAME AN OVERNIGHT SUCCESS IN THIRTY YEARS It’s possible to ride the highs and lows of publishing…and survive with a long and book-filled career. Come with your questions for a frank discussion of how to grab onto the highs and … Read more

Meeting: April 7, 2018

Tapping Into Creativity- In this workshop specifically tailored to writers, we will use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or “Tapping” to clear away blocks, open channels of creativity, reduce stress and increase intuition. Learn how you can use EFT on your own for a variety of issues. EFT is a scientifically proven method to reduce cortisol.  … Read more