Meeting: March 12, 2016

Faking It

The Introvert’s Guide to Networking

Most writers have spent a lot of time with their noses buried in books and their own imaginations. Most of their friends existed on the printed page. After they embark on their writing careers, they live even more in their minds and in the books they write. Sometimes the most interaction they have with people outside of the family is when the school nurse calls to say child #2 vomited all over his clothes; please bring a clean outfit. After the child has been brought home and suitably cared for, the poor beleaguered writer scrolls through her email and finds a message that her favorite conference is now accepting registrations.

The smell of vomit fades as she dreams of workshops, awards ceremonies, pitching sessions, the chance of making new friends.

The only problem is she’s forgotten how. And the idea of putting herself out there and being rejected or humiliated makes her want to repeat the actions of her child…

The art of networking in a room full of strangers can be intimidating. How can you be expected to introduce yourself to new people when you prefer to hide in your room? Yet everyone knows networking is important in this business.

Join Liberty Blake, who grew up as a withering wallflower, as she shows you how to move from being an introvert to faking your way to being Miss Congeniality.

Liberty Blake Bio:

Liberty Blake lives in New England in a large communal home with several of her children and six grandchildren, four dogs, and five cats. It is a wonderfully hectic family home.

Liberty began writing stories on a toy typewriter that was replaced with a real typewriter when she was nine. She has slowed down at times, but she has never stopped writing.

Liberty loves music and knows hundreds of show tunes and more theme songs than anyone should know. To the horror of her family she is ready to belt out these tunes at the top of her lungs, never hitting a right note.

Liberty also enjoys traveling, long walks on the beach, and looking at handsome men. As much as Liberty enjoys traveling and visiting, New England is home. She loves the changing seasons.

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