Meeting: April 2, 2016

Writing an Awesome Book Blurb with J.M. Griffin

While some call them book blurbs, others note these little gems as descriptions, marketing copy, or back cover copy. However you perceive the blurb for your book, one thing is certain . . . it needs be the best Hook ever.

So how do we know what we’ve written is just that, the best Hook ever? By writing, and rewriting it until we are completely satisfied that our 150-200 word limit is concise, yet conveys enough to pique a reader’s interest so she/he will buy our book and read it. I know, 150-200 words isn’t much. It’ll take some doing to hone the storyline down to that number, but think about this, we should be able to sum up our book in one sentence.

As authors, we spend an enormous amount of time writing our books and editing them until they are clean and crisp like a newly pressed shirt (does anyone iron anymore?). Maybe we write a synopsis first or wait until the book is done. The fact is, we must write a synopsis, along with back cover copy material. In this workshop, we’ll cover what goes into a book blurb, how to use your synopsis to get started, how to limit your word count, and get the best blurb you can because great blurbs sell books.

We’ll discuss the most important things that go into creating a book blurb. The number of characters who should be part of that, what needs emphasis, how to use a sentimental element, exactitude and usage of power words.

A discussion on Blurb Heaven and Hell will be covered and I hope to have audience interaction at this point. I think some of us have been in both places, and we still work hard getting through Blurb Hell as we indie publish our novels.

Join me, J.M. Griffin, in April for a workshop we can all use whether we’re traditionally or independently published.


J.M. Griffin Bio

J.M. Griffin lives in Rhode Island, she and her husband have to crazy, independent cats, and live in the countryside. J.M. has written sixteen cozy mystery novels and counting. She enjoys classical music and rock & roll, can’t carry a tune in a bucket, and loves nature. She’s also an artist with several Zentangle books and one coloring book published. J.M.’s favorite time of year is autumn, when colors are brilliant and the air is crisp and fresh.