June 4th: Kim Van Meter/J.H. Leigh – Embracing the Dark Side

How to write twisty, shocking reads:

  • Start with the action that immediately sets the tone of the story
  • Keep the dialogue flowing, get the reader invested in the characters
  • Deep POV: keep the reader tightly attached to the characters
  • The threat of danger should be ever-present, even in the mundane activities.
  • Push your own boundaries: the twist should catch the reader off-guard
  • Go for the readers’ throat. Murder beloved characters, or at the very least put them through hell. The readers love it.

Kimberly Van Meter started writing for Harlequin in 2006 with the Superromance line and has since written for Blaze, Romantic Suspense and DARE, under her pen name Alexx Andria. Kimberly and her husband of 30 years make their home in California with their three children, two cats and a full house filled with family and friends who are always free to raid the fridge or jump in the pool. https://amzn.to/2OhdAhB

J.H. Leigh writes gritty psychological suspense, unlike anything you’ve ever read before. She makes her home in California with her three kids and a handful of cats. Hobbies include horrifying her editor and making her friends wonder if she’s on an FBI watch list. amazon.com/author/jhleigh