Sept 10, 2022 –

Community Building: The Heartbeat of Great Marketing

Harry Potter. Doctor Who. Lord of the Rings. Star Wars. Think about the most prolific fan bases in our culture. Besides great story, what do they all have in common?  COMMUNITY.

There are people out there who love your characters and your stories as much as you do (sometimes more, ha). They’re the ones who will write those reviews and recommend your books to their friends and nag you to get that next book finished- because they want to escape once more to the world you’ve created.

Marketing through community building is one of the most rewarding marketing “methods”, for everyone involved. And while there’s no quick fix or magical method when it comes to relationship and community building, there are ways to help you create that kind of community. You can have active reader groups, reliable ARC teams, and newsletters your readers can’t wait to read. 

Investing in your readers is investing in you. Great communities are the heartbeat of great stories and great success. Lori Watson’s all about creating connection through stories— coming alongside to support you in your work and your dreams. Her business, Chrysalis Stories, provides creative support through marketing, design, and author services. Find her online at or drop her an email: