Meeting: June 7, 2014

Jeanne Paglio: Promotion

Daunted by promotion? As creative people, we tend to dislike stepping out of our comfort zone to bring our work to public attention. Cursing over Facebook and shying away from Twitter because you aren’t comfortable with either of them or how they can work for you, you can take a stand and figure out what types of promotion is painless (or mostly painless). It’s imperative to consider marketing and what you can do to make your mark in the world of readers. There’s more to marketing than Facebook and Twitter.

This informal, and interactive workshop explores the possibilities available to those who seek to increase sales, and to become adept at the what, where,to whom, and the how of promotion. Marketing is as important to you, the author, as it is to breathing air. We mustn’t all be experts at marketing, but we certainly need to be proficient and take every opportunity to promote ourselves and the work we do.

Instead of giving away our work, repeatedly slamming people with our book(s) on Facebook, we’ll discuss various venues that are free or have some cost attached to them and take less time than we ever imagined. In view of the reader’s marketplace, there are a number of efficient and less “time” costly ways to use promotion as a way to acquire readers.

Bring your notebook, have your questions ready, and plan on sharing the most effective way you’ve found to promote your work.

Jeanne Paglio writes fiction as J.M. Griffin, and non-fiction as Jeanne Paglio. She is a hybrid author, and an artist, who has been down the business road many times and still manages to find new and interesting ways of promoting her work. Published in magazines and having taught at RISD and at art conventions throughout the country, Jeanne is the author of ten published novels and eight art books.

As a business oriented author, Jeanne has spent many years perfecting ways in which to reach the public and make them aware of her work. While she has no business or marketing degree, Jeanne is tenacious and avid student in the art of business and how to market her work. She has been the President and also served as the First Vice President of The Little Rhody Rembrandts painting group in Rhode Island.

Jeanne currently lives in Scituate, Rhode Island and spends her time working on the next project or two, whichever one strikes her fancy.