Meeting: June 4, 2016

Finding a Market Niche for Your Book Business with J.M. Griffin
What is a market niche and how do you find one? Instead of wandering aimlessly through cyber space, think long and hard about who you want to read your books, and then how to get them to do so. While it isn’t easy, because most authors are wary of stepping outside their comfort space, it can be done.

Okay, so there’s no magic involved, unfortunately for us. There are places to search where you’re most apt to find exactly what you’re looking for, or the next best thing. We’ll explore why niches are useful, how a niche can help sell your books, and even better, where they could sell the best.

Together, we’ll find your niche, especially if you ‘re writing a novel that falls into a category other than your norm, or maybe while in your norm, you find you need to tap into a sub-segment of a specific group. Learn ways to introduce your books to those who are interested in your particular genre and how to bring them back to your work again and again.

J.M. Griffin Bio

J.M. Griffin lives in Rhode Island. She and her husband have two crazy, independent cats, and live in the countryside. J.M. has written sixteen cozy mystery novels and counting. She enjoys classical music and rock & roll, can’t carry a tune in a bucket, and loves nature. She’s also an artist with several Zentangle books and one coloring book published. J.M.’s favorite time of year is autumn, when colors are brilliant and the air is crisp and fresh.