Meeting: April 4th

Gwen Hernandez: A Webinar via ZOOM: A Writer’s Toolkit: Free and Inexpensive Apps to Keep You on Track

Can’t find that amazing idea in your pile of sticky notes? Distracted by blog posts, social media, and email? Looking for an easy way to write on the go?

Gwen will introduce you to handy—and often free or inexpensive—apps and programs to help you:
– Streamline your writing process
– Capture new ideas anywhere
– Eliminate distractions
– Organize your research
– Track your priorities and progress (NEW)
– Safeguard your hard work

Gwen Hernandez is the author of Scrivener For DummiesProductivity Tools for Writers, and military romantic suspense. This left-brained, list-making techie, and pantser—yeah, it doesn’t make sense to her either—is constantly trying to balance her love of all things digital with her need to disconnect and get outside. When she’s not making lists or pantsing a novel, she likes to travel, read, jog, flail on a yoga mat, and explore southern California where she lives with her husband and a lazy golden retriever. Find her online at and