Meeting: Sept. 12th, 2020

Gail Eastwood & Liberty Blake: Sources for Building Memorable Characters

Since ancient times, people have tried to understand and categorize the aspects that make up character –the traits, behaviors and psychology of fellow human beings—or even animals! Today, after a discussion about the foundations and added layers that give both depth and contrasting variety to characters in our favorite books, TV shows, and movies, we’ll look at some sources for inspiring such characterizations, found in age-old systems of classification as well as newer approaches to reach into the mystery of character, ranging from the Chinese Zodiac to the Tarot to the Meyers-Briggs Personality Types. You may discover inspirations (and helpful tools) are all around you.

Besides serving as the current president of RIRW, Gail Eastwood is the award-winning author of nine Regency romance novels featuring various locations in early 19th century England and a wide range of characters. Her new 5-star release, Lord of Her Heart, is the start of her first series, Tales of Little Macclow, even though the second book, Lord of Misrule, came out ahead of it in December of 2018. Lord of Misrule finaled for Best Historical in the 2019 Maggie Awards. Gail was first published by Signet/NAL/Penguin back in the 90’s but took nearly 16 years off due to family issues before re-starting her career in recent years. Besides writing, Gail enjoys encouraging other writers, the beach, traveling, reading, historical dance, costume, theater, and a bunch more things! She is a RI native and lives in woodsy Exeter with her loving husband and one of her two adult sons. 

Gail Eastwood, author
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Liberty Blake gave up her position as the head of a multi-million dollar non-profit corporation to stay home to raise her children and be the caretaker of her grandmother. She is proud of her children and happy with the choices she made. However, there is a small part of her that wishes she had accepted the job offer that would have required her to travel internationally several times a year. The first assignment would have taken her to Paris in the springtime. Over the years she has been a radio disk jockey, a news director, a cocktail waitress, and many other things. But writing has always been in her heart while she worked at jobs to gain life experience and put food on the table. Liberty loves objectifying beautiful men, walking on the beach, in the woods, climbing mountains (ok, hiking up a small hill), and writing about rich men and the women who love them in spite of their money. Liberty Blake is the author of the Boundless Billionaires Series.