March 5, 2022: Judi Fennell – In the Know-How; Guide to Indy Publishing

Thinking of indie-publishing? What do you need to know? What do you need to do? Who do you hire? What do you do yourself?

There are many roads to travel when going the indie-publishing route and it can seem overwhelming. Author/owner of, Judi Fennell, has been helping authors navigate the pathways to indie-publishing since 2012 and has probably heard all your questions and is here to share the answers.

Award-winning, Amazon/best-selling author, Judi Fennell opened the cyber doors of in response to the inflated numbers she’d heard people were paying to self-publish their books as the indie-publishing wave grew. With hundreds of clients, including an award-winning hybrid publisher, and services that range from formatting for electronic and print, to award-winning cover/logo/brand/promo materials design, to story and copy-editing, Judi has the technical know-how, the marketing/promotion experience, and the authorial sensitivity to guide even novice indie-publishing authors through the ropes.