Meeting: March 1, 2014

Cynthia D’Attilio: Writing under the Skin: going beneath the surface of your character’s experience Have you ever gotten a rejection letter (or a review) that reads something like: “The writing is solid, and your characters are well-drawn, but I just didn’t fall in love with it”? After cursing the writer of the letter/review out, did … Read more

Meeting: January 4, 2014

Dawn Quesnel, CPCC, PCC: Taming Your Whirlwind Life Do you feel like you are always running? Are you tired of feeling like people walk all over you? Sick of feeling obligated to say yes, too much, or you commit to things you later regret? Take care of your life, you only have one! In this … Read more

Meeting: December 7, 2013

Stacy Juba: How To Turn Your Author Blog Into A Powerful Marketing Tool Topics include: Evaluating How to Get the Most From Your Blog – Effective plug-ins, widgets, spam control, and security measures Syndication – Syndicating your blog through sites such as Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Feedburner, and other outlets Writing Compelling Content – Writing … Read more

Meeting: November 2, 2013

Judy Roth: The Art of Self-Editing Our manuscripts are our babies. We give birth to them and nurture them along. By the time we’ve finished that first draft, we are nearly as invested in our words as we are in our own children. We are also a little too close, making it hard not only … Read more