The purpose of RIRW is to promote excellence in women’s and popular fiction, to help writers become published and establish careers, and to provide continuing support for writers within the publishing industry.

We meet from September to June on the first Saturday of the month in the Hayden Center at the Cumberland Public Library in Cumberland, Rhode Island. (Due to holidays and/or activities at the library, the date or venue may change. Changes will be announced here.)

12:30 p.m. General Meeting

1:30 p.m. Workshop/Speaker

Visitors are welcome to attend.
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Penny Watson

Writers and Simple Living:

How to Find Your Happy

How many times have you read this advice: DECREASE YOUR STRESS FOR BETTER HEALTH?

Especially in the high-powered world of publishing, however, stress is impossible to avoid. Authors struggle with writer’s block, anxiety about sales and productivity, social media pressures, and trying to keep up with constantly-changing trends.

As writers, we can’t get rid of stress, but can we manage it?


Join fellow writer Penny Watson for a positive exploration of ways to manage the stress in our lives and increase our happiness. She will discuss the principles of “Hygge”—the Danish concept of living in the moment—as well as other lifestyle approaches like minimalism and simple living. We will also examine research such as the role of pets in our lives, incorporating nature in our schedules, and the benefits of daily rituals. Finding a way to approach our writing careers without succumbing to stress is possible!

PENNY WATSON is an award-winning author who has presented workshops on novella-writing, social media use, promotion, blogging and reviewing, and countless other topics to writing groups all over New England. She also co-sponsored the 2013 Indie Author Symposium held in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Her most recent prize was the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award for her novel A TASTE OF HEAVEN.





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